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Introducing The All-New Series of Viking Ozone Waste-Treatment Systems

A Cleaner, Safer and More Sustainable Technology for Waste Treatment

Viking Ozone’s waste treatment systems have a low profile and modular design. These features allow for multiple configurations to accommodate a wide range of processing capacity needs.

The urgent need for sustainable waste treatment.

Properly processing and disposing of regulated medical waste (RMW), biohazardous waste, and general waste is critical to ensure public safety. Laboratories, hospitals, military facilities, care centres, aircraft, ships and prisons are all sources of bio-hazardous waste. Each one of these facilities or sources requires a safe and sustainable solution to process the waste close to its source of origin. Eliminating pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and any other potentially harmful substances from entering the environment is critical. Our proprietary system is the industry-leading solution.

How Viking Ozone Technology works

VKIN Ozone’s technology is a revolutionary advancement in the world of waste treatment.

By combining our technology with the use of ozone, we offer an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective alternative to incineration, chemical treatment, autoclave and heat treatments for regulated medical waste, bio-hazardous waste and general waste.

VKIN Ozone’s system reduces the amount of energy required to process waste, which conserves resources, and operating costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in a cleaner, safer environment.

Our modular design and low profile allow multiple configurations and savings for civil work at the site.

Cleaner treatment process

Safer for operators

Environmentally sustainable

More efficient

Kills essentially all known pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses (6 log 10)

Virtually no unpleasant odours

Ability to process waste into a valuable renewable resource

Unmatched Expertise

Viking Ozone Technology, LLC and Simson-Maxwell Ltd.

Simson-Maxwell, Ltd. (“SM”), a majority-owned subsidiary of Viking Energy Group, Inc., is the exclusive manufacturer of the VKIN Ozone. SM has 80 years’ experience in industrial power generation, design, assembly and installation, and its team of talented engineers works closely with Viking Ozone Technology, LLC’s (“VOT”) representatives who have more than three decades of experience with the commercial and industrial application of ozone. Combining the unique experience of SM with the incomparable expertise and care of VOT’s team allows us to offer an unparalleled cleaner, safer and sustainable solution to waste treatment.



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